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Our Services

We at WHOO Cares, LLC are excited to assist you on your journey of mental wellness.  All our services are customizable to meet your group and individual needs.  Our services are available both in-person and virtually.  After reviewing the brief description of our services, connect with us by sending an email with your desired service. 

Group therapy

Individual & Group

Social Emotional Learning Skill building classes

This service is available for youth and adults.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.  SEL provides a foundation for positive, long-term effects on kids, adults, and communities.

Leadership Presentation

Workshops/Presentations on various mental health topics

This is a customizable service.  We would love to be a presenter at your next event.

Psychologist Session

Mental Wellness Coaching 

This service is to provide you with support on your journey of achieving mental wellness by assisting with goal setting and being able to identify the proper tools needed to achieve mental wellness.  

A Supportive Hug

Parenting Support Groups

This is a parenting and education support program that helps parents/guardians with children of any age enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be better parents.

Happy Family

Family Support groups

 This is an education support program that helps parents/guardians and children  enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to have a healthy and stronger family unit.

In a Meeting

Mental Wellness Consulting

Contract with us to assist you in developing a mental wellness team for your business. This service is also available to faith-based organizations to assist in developing mental health crisis teams at their local assemblies.

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