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Our Story

April 29th, 1997 a beautiful baby boy was born, Isaiah Jamaal Dunlap, Sr.  He was the baby of 8 siblings ("The Great 8").  His smile and his beautiful personality could light up a room.  He grew up having lots of hopes and dreams. On August 26th, 2019 our "number 8"left us too soon.  Isaiah had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building generational wealth.  His dream was to start a clothing line which would promote positivity through apparel, real estate and empowering youth. Furthermore, already having the business name  chosen, “WHOO Cares".   Isaiah shared his dream with DeShon (our brother).  

During the pandemic and while learning how to deal with the new normal of Isaiah no longer being with us I often thought about how I could make his dreams come true. One night, it hit me, while grieving, “WHOO Cares”.  That is how! 

This is the story of how WHOO Cares, LLC, was born.   

In Honor Of 

Isaiah Jamaal Dunlap, Sr.

April 29th, 1997-August 26th, 2019

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